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Ski Suit Care

Washing Your Willyfinder Ski Suit

Willyfinder Ski Suits are safe to wash when dirty.

As with all waterproof technical wear, our mens and womens waterproof ski suits should never be washed using ordinary detergent, soap or fabric softener. Chemicals in these detergents can break down the waterproofing in your ski suit, meaning that they may not perform as intended after a wash. Instead we recommend that you use a cleaning fluid specially designed for technical outerwear.

There are a number of technical outerwear cleaning fluids out there but we have seen great results with either Nikwax Tech Wash or Grangers Performance Wash. Whatever you use, make sure that it is suitable for water repellent and breathable fabric.

To clean your suit

  1. Brush and wipe off any loose mud or debris from your ski suit.
  2. Close all zips, velcro and pockets.
  3. Wash off any left over detergent in your washing machine detergent compartment (you might need to run your machine through a hot empty wash first).
  4. Put your waterproof clothing cleaner in the washing machine detergent compartment according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  5. Put your Willyfinder Ski Suit in the drum of the washing machine. Please do not add any other items as a ski suit is equivalent to a jacket and trousers.
  6. Run through a complete wash and rinse cycle at 30 degrees. Preferably do this on a gentle cycle and a slow spin.
  7. Leave your Ski Suit to air dry

Do not iron or dry clean your all-in-one ski suits. We do not recommend you dry in a tumble dryer, but if you have to, only do this on a low heat.

What happens if I wash my suit in normal detergent?

If you do wash your Ski Suit with normal detergent, not all may be lost. The best course of action is to rewash it as soon as possible with proper technical clothing cleaner and reproof it (see below). It may take several cycles to regain performance.

Re proofing your Willyfinder Ski Suit

For most people, washing your suit as specified above is enough to bring back the performance of a ski suit. However, if you notice that the fabric on your ski suit has started to absorb moisture rather than repel it, you may need to reproof your garment. If you follow the above instructions, you shouldn’t need to reproof your Ski Suit every time you wash it. But, we do recommend that you reproof when needed.

To reproof your ski suit, you can use either a reproofing spray or a wash in waterproofer. 

Again Nikwax TX. Direct or Grangers Clothing Repel have given us good results in the past.

Instructions are as follows

  1. Wash your Ski Suit as instructed above
  2. Re clean your washing machine’s detergent tray
  3. Place your all-in-one ski suit in the washing machine’s drum.
  4. Add the reproofing formula to the washing machine as instructed on the reproofer’s instructions.
  5. Run the washing machine through a complete wash and rinse cycle at 30 degrees. Preferably do this on a gentle cycle and a slow spin.
  6. Leave your Ski Suit to air dry.