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October 01, 2015 2 min read

After exhausting all conker based fun (found a proper nugget this year), Willyfinder has realised that Winter is in fact around the corner and that makes us ever so slightly giddy. As you well know, Willyfinder is forever working tirelessly* to ensure that loyal customers such as yourselves are looking more and more ridiculous each year and this year is no exception.


*tv guide dependent


Initially, we want to bring your attention to the fact that Willyfinder has gone all Sue Ryder and is hosting a start of season sale: some absolute snips in there and definitely not ones that we want to get rid of.


Secondly, it’s time to allay fears and send out a couple of teasers regarding what we’ve got coming your way this winter. Unfortunately, we’ve been sold out of our well backed Where’s Willy Ski Suit in the Men’s for most of the calendar year but we have a fresh batch heading our way for mid-December so we should be able to provide suitable warmth and flair for those of you who are heading off for a Christmas slopeside. Not only that but what sort of a company would we be if we weren’t constantly striving to bring you new suits year on year? Roger that. That’s why we’re going to be bringing out this bad boy to an après hot spot near you this winter:




You’re welcome.


Not only that but we’ve set about a little collaboration with this absolutely bonza company in the states called Shinesty ( for this winter. We won’t give the game away just yet but stayed tune for more updates on some truly remarkable items of clothing to come from them.


We’ve also been talking/gobbing off about releasing some cycle wear for next spring. It’s fair to say that this has been slightly more difficult than the workshy team had planned but we finally got our nuts down and after a few days of hardish work, 2 emails and a phone call later, we’ve got a sneak preview of what you can expect to be on our shelves for February/March time.







Before you ask, we don’t have any stacked mates so we had to ask three chocolate éclairs that we know to model them and no, despite the image, the yellow one doesn’t come with peanuts as standard.


We’ve got it all to come over the next 6 months. Get excited.





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