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February 01, 2017 3 min read

The London Bike Show took place on the 18th February and seeing that we know nothing about bikes and even less about the culture that surrounds them, we thought it best to get involved and start swotting up.


The first thing we realised is that bike lovers are punctual. A slightly severe evening the night before meant that we were slightly behind time and when we turned up a FEW HOURS before closing, it looked like scene from a Western. There was hardly anyone there but the stall owners which, whilst somewhat bizarre, did clear the way for us to get properly into it.


In even better news, the bar lady wasn’t going anywhere:





So we did the honest thing and picked up a 568 each and mooched into the unknown. The first thing that struck me was the eye watering cost of some of the bikes we saw. Gulp. If you’re going to be spending four figures on a two-wheeler, make sure It’s got a seriously large motor attached it.

Luckily, to offset the rather large price tags everywhere, there was an unbelievable amount of free goods in the nutritional section to serve as the perfect accompaniment to our beer. Seems as though a lot of people don’t opt for the pub lunch stop off midway through a cycle but instead condense a Mummy Willyfinder Sunday roast into bar form. Whilst highly unconventional, they were remarkably tasty. All flavours. Even second time round.

Stomachs beaming through the unforgiving lycra, we then wandered apprehensively into the equipment section. In a bid to sweat out the night before we hopped aboard three steeds to put our pipes through their paces whilst someone harped on about the efficiency of my right quadricep as if I knew what that was. The only time I paid attention is when he mentioned that the cost of the app and equipment was tickling the underside of two grand. Man alive. Nice bunch of lads though and happy to skulk in the background whilst we ceased a photo opp.



Finally, via a top up at the remarkably well manned bar, we confidently strolled into the accessories equipment, believing that we were starting to get the lingo and fit in a bit more. Luckily there were some lads selling helmets early on in our tour of the “Accessories” that were happy to tell us plenty about their lids. Willyfinder is unsure of a lot of things in life but the one thing that we can say for sure is that not even David Ghandi avoids looking like a nugget if he wears a helmet when off a bike.



Not even if they match the rest of your outfit.


Still, they were a delightful bunch who had a slightly concerning display which repeatedly broke helmets that everyone normally wears again and again on the floor. I hope everyone travelled safe on the way back…


Bloody good day but still waking up in a cold sweat thinking about the pricing on some of those items. Jiminey Cricket.


In other news, the new website will be being launched in a matter of days which will be seriously lush and we’ve got a whole host of outrageously bizarre cycling videos lined up for you as things progress from the cold winter to the slightly warmer but probably sodden spring.


Keep up to date with any sales and offers by following us on either Twitter or Instagram via @willyfinder.


Enjoy the rest of the season anyone still out there on the slopes.


Fill your boots,





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