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September 01, 2016 3 min read

Alright team. Have you already completely forgotten that we haven’t written a blog since February? Great, so have we. Whilst there has been an awful lot happening behind the website at Willyfinder HQ, it would appear that when we did have a bit of time between pretending to work in front of friends and lunchtime basketball, our creative writing juices weren’t quite what they were. HOWEVER, with the winter season now acting as our muse, we thought we would throw some ramblings your way to let you know what we’ve been up to and what you’ve got coming your way this Winter.


The more eagle eyed followers of our social media (mum) will be aware that we have recently launched some cycle wear which is probably even lusher than you thought it would be. The Willyfinder team actually decided it would be a good use of their time to put them through their paces on the continent last week.



We’re not going to let you into who made a fool out of who, as that’s pathetic, overly competitive and even childish and if you were up against a 61 year old in that sort of shape then you would have probably have struggled as well so let’s leave it there.


Anyway, enough about us. We should be talking about what we can do for you. “A lot” did you just say? Correct. We can. We have recently embarked on a September sale that puts everything we have on our shelves at 20% off. Now this does everything it says on the tin in a number of ways in that everything is indeed 20% off but because it’s only a September sale, you have until the end of Friday to cash in on this “TOOGOODTOMISSOPPORTUNITY” as some have been calling it.


Follow up emails saying “my mate got them at 20% off and I was just REALLY busy and wondered if I can have the same as I missed the deadline by a matter of hours” won’t be met with a laid back benevolence but instead utter disdain that you couldn’t get your ducks in a row in a whole month. The irony being that we would have definitely have missed out through our innately miserably organisational skills. Harsh but fair.


Whilst it’s been a delightfully long summer over here, we’ve heard from our mates over in Australia who are doing the honest thing and spreading the good word of Willyfinder on the other side of the world. Here’s a snap of Zak Williams looking smoother than we ever have taking a corner/turn/jobby out in Thredbo.




For the Dutch of you or anyone who likes all of you, we have just teamed up with Vette Pakken ( over in Amsterdam so head round to try suits on should you be keen to get a feeling of the fit. You should also check out their range of trackie tops as we’ve got half a mind to take them all off their hands.


Finally, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve got a brand new suit coming your way for this season. Some have said it’s the boldest design they’ve seen this side of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe but we should have images for you next month for you to decide. Think the Jungle Book meets Elmer the Elephant. No, I wouldn’t have got it from that either but when you see it, it’ll make all sorts of sense.


Till next month...ideally.