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July 01, 2015 1 min read

Willyfinder would normally take this moment to apologise for the lack of pointless ramblings, thinly veiled as a “blog” over the past couple of months. However, I would direct any criticism that you may have towards the organisers of the Women’s World Cup (actually maybe go easy on them, they’ve had to deal with enough recently), Wimbledon, The Tour De France, The Ashes and The Open. What absolute fruitcake puts all of these sporting events so ridiculously close to each other!?



If that wasn’t enough, Mother Nature has decided to give the UK the lushest summer since records began. So if we haven’t been holed up watching incredible sport, we’ve been down the park proving Willyfinder’s unerring inability to tan.



Pink shoulders and British sporting dominance aside though, we have been eyeing up a few treats for you rabble. Not only have we got new suits coming through for you all to get your teeth into this winter but we’re also going to be holding a ski suit sale before the season to ensure that those of you who would rather spend your wonga on ridiculous bar tabs than mint kit, still have a chance to join in the party.


More information to follow next month but you should definitely be excited. Definitely.


Until next month (barring anymore sport spectating based procrastination...),