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January 03, 2017 1 min read

Christmas was good. Too good. Now Willyfinder dreads that moment between the shower and getting your clothes on when you catch a peek of the physique in the mirror and you ask yourself why your torso now perfectly imitates a melted candle. The gym has been considered. Salad's comtemplated. In our darkest moments even Dry January was tossed into the melting pot but you'll be glad to hear that we've stayed strong. 


But enough about muffin tops, let's talk about lush tops. We have decided to bring out a number of T-shirts and jumpers for your viewing and wearing pleasure. A range of themes have been opted for but none really make any sense. Not that we were aiming for any.


Here's a little nugget to get you interested but the full range can be found here:



That isn't the only bit of good news we have for you 'orrible lot. We have also decided to know £25 off the Irving Blitzer from now until the end of the season. Such a delightful suit can now be picked up for the absurd bargain of £125 + shipping. Man alive.




More to come next month I'm sure but enjoy the season you lot.


Fill your boots,