The April Blog that ended in matrimony

The April Blog that ended in matrimony

Right then, those of you that follow our biannual social media updates may have noticed that Willyfinder has recently managed to get its greasy paws on a Nintendo 64. And four controllers. And MarioKart. And Goldeneye.


To say that this has had a slight impact on productivity is an out and out lie. It has had a cataclysmic impact on productivity and general output. That said, we now know Bowser’s Castle like the back of our hands so who’s really winning..?


Anyway, enough about Rainbow Road and licence to kill on pistols, Willyfinder has been making some magic of their own. We were approached by a Mr Tim Burton, (not the one who was married to Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter) asking us to help him out with his Bridesmaid dresses and Groomsmen’s suits for his upcoming wedding on the slopes. Now Willyfinder has an enormous soft side having seen Four Weddings and Funeral 23 times, so we naturally jumped at the chance to help the big guy out.


It’s not necessarily the lacy number that the girls were expecting but I think it’s fair to say that they all looked great and we would like to wish the NEW Mr and Mrs Tim Burton a colossal congratulations and all the best in their new adventure into marital bliss.



Willyfinder should also point out that we frequently go out hunting, drink lager and talk about girls and that we were chopping onions earlier and you shouldn’t ask so many questions.


We’ve also got good news for our cousins across the pond because Willyfinder has been working hard to ensure that there is a stockist near you that will be carrying the range next season for you to try some on and work out which size works best. We’ve got East coast, West coast, Lower Rockies Upper Rockies, East Coast Canada, West Coast Canada and even Alaska covered so if you want to find out more specific locations then just drop us a line at and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction...if we’re not on the n64 that is...


Enjoy it.