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January 14, 2021 2 min read

So 2021 has got off to a bit of an extreme start... Perhaps the continuous loop of Zoom calls and outdoor runs isn’t quite doing it for you? Well, we’ve compiled a list of brilliant UK small businesses that will add a bit of va-va-voom to your day and brighten up this gloomy start to the year.


Started by Scottish ski instructor Miranda when she got frustrated that she couldn’t find a beanie bright enough or baggy enough (we hear you, Miranda!), Zaini are doing exactly that: amazing bobble beanies with just the right amount of colour and slouch.

Why we love them:

  • UK handmade clobber
  • The perfect amount of bagginess
  • Bright (matches perfectly with your Willyfinder)


Do you ever feel that your undercrackers are just a bit too dull? Well fear not, Oddballs are here to the rescue. This Newcastle-based outfit makes the most amazing colourful psychedelic underwear prints. Have a try and your smalls drawer will never be the same again.

Why we love them:

  • Their prints are bolder than bold and brighter than bright
  • Oddballs have raised over £400k for charities
  • Everything they do makes us smile

Burt Soul

Saying no to the one size fits all black active wear tidal wave hitting our highstreets. These Bristol-based seamstresses have created the most amazing body confident activewear in the world. One of the Willyfinder team has their Rainbow Jewel Catsuit and professes it to be her favourite piece of clothing - after her Willyfinder suit of course!

Why we love them

  • Bright, sparkly amazingness
  • Everything is made to order so they have basically no waste
  • Eco fabrics


Show me someone who doesn’t love a good pair of sunnies. Now imagine custom sunglasses designed for sport, with super funky lenses. Yes that’s right, Sungod are a UK trailblazer keeping your eyewear on point.

Why we love them?

  • Banging lens colours
  • Indestructible frames
  • Customised sunglasses - we match them to our Willyfinder suits


No one wants to see another pair of black swim shorts. Why not do everyone a favour and have a gander at Boardies? They have a collection of absolutely stand out swimwear made from recycled plastic.

Why we love them?

  • Their prints are loud
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Manufactured in a small independent factory in Bali (I bet that business trip was hard work)